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Your performance as GIR probably was the biggest factor in my becoming a huge Invader Zim fan (when I discovered the show, at the tender age of 22.) Edit: my favorite GIR line was in response to Zim asking "Why is there Bacon in the soap?", GIR's reply being "I made it mah-self!". That totally cracks me up just thinking about it.

Have you done any other voice work? Any other acting in general?

What are you working on these days?

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So I guess I'll be the one to ask: why?

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Yes, please record an extended version of The Doom Song and put it up online somewhere, for people to cut up and remix. It'll be awesome!

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They did not redo all the space stuff in CGI. They mostly just redid the compositing, from the various film elements. For a few missing shots, they might have used a bit of CGI (and I know that one recurring shot of the enterprise was redone from a static matte because the film from the original shot could not be found.)

Rewatch the documentaries that are on the blu-rays, they go into a lot of detail (including why they didn't reframe to 16:9).

The all CG space scenes was for to the TOS remasters. The space scenes are now much more dynamic, while retaining the look of the old models. It improves most of the episodes, without going all Lucas.

I would also recommend the most recent cut of The Motion Picture: it has some added CG to "finish" shots that were kind of unfinished back then, and the editing is much improved from previous versions (the tone is more consistent, even though it's the wrong tone for Star Trek, which is why this movie is still far from the best of the Star Trek movies.)

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Well, then, as a follow-up, tell us more about your interest for cooking. Why that, and not something else (which could have potentially started you higher up, for instance.)

Personal note: I've been involved in tech-related jobs for most of my career, but I do have an interest in cooking, and I've improvised some pretty tasty dishes in my time. I do currently enjoy my tech-related job, and it appears to be more secure than most of my past positions, so I'm not seriously considering quitting and becoming a cook, but I've had people ask me why I don't just "do it", due to how passionately I can talk about food, sometimes.