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I started a website www.WeekendScripts.com where I posted many fake scripts. Then I would post them on Twitter and a few times they went viral. Paul Scheer found FAST NEIN and put on a live read with Nick Kroll as Hitler, Lance Reddick as Tyrese. It was amazing. From there I got a manager and started writing things that I could sell and eventually I got lucky!

My tip is to just keep writing and writing and don't get discouraged. I wrote dozens and dozens before anyone bought anything. People told me my scripts sucked all the time and now they are telling me my movie sucks! It's never going to stop and you just need to keep pushing through!

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I love all those movies and if you watch it you will definitely notice the influences. I think the way it differentiates itself in my eyes is the absolute insanity. We have Vince Vaughn wrestling an alligator, a giant musical number, a full on Scarface monologue. It feels way more absurdist than an average teen party movie and probably comes from my obsession with Wet Hot American Summer and all things David Wain.

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How much of Bill Murray's dialogue was improv in Kingpin? How much did his hair improv?

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Thank you!!! That's what I want people to be saying. A lot of the reviews are asking why we didn't try to talk about the ISSUES of today but we really just wanted people to be able to escape the issues for 90 minutes.

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Haha I knew someone was going to ask me about that NOW 69 CD. It was a birthday gift and a treasured piece of my stupid memorabilia filled office.

My favorite part is definitely joke writing. Specific turn of phrases or the pacing and set-up of a bit really makes me happy when it works. I was obsessed with the TV show Strangers With Candy growing up and the way they used wordplay and puns really inspired me. And I think about it when trying to write dialogue with characters.