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Wonderful job on the booklet, congratulations to the whole team! I have been using it for couple of years and I always am amazed how useful the process turns out to be.

My questions:

  1. What is the biggest challenge in managing such a big team of volunteers?
  2. Does your job focus only on the booklet activities? If not, what else are you focusing on as a non-profit?
  3. When it comes to the booklet, are you planning on upgrading it or giving it a refinement? Do you have anything left to do with it, apart from managing translators, as the structure of the review is pretty much standardized?
  4. Where does your funding come from? Is there any way I can support you? Maybe with a donation?
  5. Why the 2020 Pandemic Supplements (I'm one of the translators BTW) are no longer available to download on the website?

Keep up the good work, cheers!

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Beware that booklet consists of 2 parts: closing previous year and planning the next one - so 20 pages are in total, for both parts. From which, around 20% are filler pages with introduction, spacing and so on. You don't have to do both sections at once :).

When it comes to how much it takes - I have already done around 4 iterations and it took me 2 hours every time, as suggested in the booklet itself, so I guess it depends on the person (although I doubt it might take a whole day!)

Good catch on the calendar thing - I also have minor doubts that the tool could be 100% useful for people not using any form of it daily. On the other hand, there are some questions where track of past events is not necessary in my opinion. u/raszpi what do you think?

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Congrats for having new family member! Have an easy comeback to work duties!

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@raszpi Polish one as well! :)

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u/raszpi thanks for the answers and for the Patreon link, I will consider subscribing! Have a good 2022!