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Not to say that I've considered everything about shipping, language, average incomes in lower-class Japan, and compatibility of older technology with modern computers, but it looks like they're on Ebay for $300? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Freedom-Scientific-Focus-80-Braille-Display-Keyboard-F80-4/313469657031?hash=item48fc3f5fc7:g:AFYAAOSwOchgXfc4#shpCntId

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Why doesn't the housing market seem to follow basic economic principles? Many wealthy people use houses as gold bricks, but the inherent value in housing is derived from people living in them, and with, for instance, around 15,000 empty apartments in Manhattan, one would think that the law of supply and demand would kick in and the value of these would lower. But with housing, it seems as though owners, en masse, are never willing to adjust pricing to the levels that renters or other buyers are willing to pay. Is this just a giant long-term bubble that has yet to pop, or is it a sort of informal cartel-like behaviour among property owners?

EDIT: The answers to this are very educational. Manhattan is probably a poor example. My point was that, regardless of city, a lot of houses seem to sit empty on the market without the price budging.

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How was your experience with the Rhodes interview?

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Well, clearly you did something right