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shortrug30 karma

First of all, thank you for this podcast. I’ve been a listener and Patreon supporter since 2017, and while I listen to many podcasts, yours is the only one where I stop what I’m doing to listen the second I get the notification. I’m sure you get a million messages of this nature, but I hope you guys really grasp how positive of an impact you have on your listener’s lives - seriously, thank you. No pressure though, right?


  • At any rate, a question for Tim: I really enjoyed your presence on From Dusk Til Dawn. I know it has been stated that you don’t really like to be on mic, but do you have any plans to be on the show again?

  • I also have a question for the team as a whole: I know you guys probably don’t have a set-in-stone action plan, but I think the whole community is curious what your plans are for the future. We’ve all noticed that you’ve been working towards more frequent episodes, but do you have a goal in mind?

  • Episode frequency aside, have you started to consider the possibility of having live sessions? I know the nature of the show makes it difficult to do it live, but I would definitely make the trek up to NY to see you guys.