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After thinking I needed to have a lot of friends and trying to fit in back in high school I've think this way too. I struggled and tried too hard to make friends and in the end it hurt me and my confidence.

Now I have a few friends who opened up to me from having sharing a hobby. One of the best feelings is hearing them say they I'm one of their best friends when I just acted how I normally am.

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I did not like driving my VW Corrado G60 when this song was popular.

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I really liked when sloppy joes were served during lunch. They don't remember them looking as messy as you described but they were wrapped and ready to go.

Also chicken teriyaki mmm best lunches during elementary school for me.

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Could this mean you serve just a certain market?

I left ATT when they were about to put a data cap and charge a penalty for going over it every 50GB a few years ago. And just recently I was reading ATT hasn't been enforcing it for a few who have said they go over the cap.