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This might be a dumb comment/question but how does the US or other agencies get their information from? Is there spies within ISIS that report back?

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Sweet! Thanks for response!

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In the beginning if you did have enough money, do you think you would have won initially? Sort of sucks this is how it goes, you get locked up if you can't afford a quality lawyer.

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Not sure if you can answer this but how is this data stored? Is it through a company that backs it up or it's on your actual location? Also what's the plan on future storage? I'd be worried later on, the project gets forgotten?

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Do some billionaires actually speak to you or at least Forbes face to face and say this is how much I have , here's the documents/people to prove it?

Basically saying I have 1.2 something billion in the bank not a penny more and here's the evidence.

Or is it always some sort of assistant who will tell you