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This might be a dumb comment/question but how does the US or other agencies get their information from? Is there spies within ISIS that report back?

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Sweet! Thanks for response!

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How do you meet people? I know dumb question. Let's say you walk in a small market, say hello to a vendor and buy food. Then what happens? Do you ask them if they know someone who can help you?

Let say that works.....how did you beat the language barrier?

Sorry if these are answer in the videos let me know. I'm unable to watch them right now....

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In the beginning if you did have enough money, do you think you would have won initially? Sort of sucks this is how it goes, you get locked up if you can't afford a quality lawyer.

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I don't know if this is part of what you do but you know in the terms and conditions, have you or know someone who added some easter egg? I heard of stories of people reading it and getting $$.