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I hate all of this

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What do you think about the red herrings of distractions? For example, we did a diamond heist where you press a button in a room, and red flashing lights turn on, and 3 green lasers turn on, flashing off of mirrors that can be adjusted. But NONE of it has anything to do with the actual process - to proceed, you just take a flashing light and turn it to a fan in the corner to reveal text on the fan blades as it spins. This wasted almost five minutes of our time as we were adjusting the laser beams... only to call in for a hint and be told that they were useless.

Also, I thought it was rather unsafe to have green lasers (likely 5mW) to be firing off a series of mirrors in a dark room without any eye protection... but I seemed to be the only person concerned. (I do work a lot with lasers more often than others, so eye safety is a higher priority to me)

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Yeah, I don't mind immersive decorations and stuff. But it definitely felt like when they built the room, they intended for players to have to maybe reflect laser beams into sensors... and then they realized it was too difficult, but they had already invested so much money into the laser beam systems that they left it in.

My first escape room with my "escape room team" friends was a really great "Inception" style game where even the clues were inception- themed, so putting ourselves in that mindset was really great.

On the other hand, having the key codes to open a safe in a bank printed onto fan blades in the corner of a room definitely didn't feel like a bank heist, haha..