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I think it's possible to have an arc while making episodes able to stand alone. The best example of this is Firefly: each episode stands on its own. You can watch them out of order, and it still makes sense. But actions still have consequences, and the characters still grow.

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Hi Joel!

Thank you for doing this. My American boyfriend is immigrating to Canada to move in with me. Right now he's applying for a 1-year visa that would allow him to work (it's the one for students recently graduated).

We want to apply for permanent residency, but know that the time lag right now is atrocious. So should we apply now as a conjugal couple, or after the 1 year so we can apply as common-law?

I've heard of conjugal couples being rejected because immigration says they could have lived together. I don't want to spend $2000 on an application that'll get rejected. But since permanent residency takes so long, I don't want to start the process as his visa is expiring because then he can't work (he's a professional actor, and taking time off is not good for that).

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He's supposed to hear back about the SWAP this week so I'll call your office next week. Thank you.