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shitdayinafrica10 karma

What are your thoughts on illegal immigration and refugees accessing the UBI? It seems that countries with UBI would be desirable destinations.

shitdayinafrica2 karma

Yes, it's strange to imagine a world, where being intelligent concerns you to a life of work.

Obviously a simplification, and very unlikely but still, weird to think of

shitdayinafrica2 karma

The most effective deterrent is risk of getting caught, and prosecuted, not the harshness of the punishment. If you want to deter crime focus on the investigate, catch, prosecute side of the equation.

shitdayinafrica2 karma

There is some benefit in electrifying transport as or even before we switch to renewables. Once the vehicles are in place then the change to "green" electricity will occur naturally.

It seems that the electrification of transport is going to happen, so it may as well happen now and as quickly as possible.