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How do you feel about people who don't vaccinate their children against diseases like Rubella?

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Sales and Alberici seem to be the only people at the ABC authorised to ask questions but they never go anywhere. Politicians are prepared and neatly deflect. What we needed was in depth analysis and fact checking and the ABC has been extremely timid.

Increasingly Turnbull's NBN is looking like a monumental fuckup. The lack of transparency or public debate is very concerning. I expect the ABC to be doing another Moonlight State not throwing soft questions to ministers on Lateline.

I am not sure what weight to give Nick's account. Certainly nbn coverage stopped and he seemed unfairly dealt with over a very solid article. I don't think this is a smoking gun but the ABC's overall record on the NBN clearly shows a bias IMO.

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What do you think of people who don't get their kids vaccinated for HPV before they become sexually active? All my kids will get vaccinated, both boys and girls.

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Guantanamo is still open? I thought Obama closed it down when he repealed the unconstitutional terror laws, turned the economy around and withdrew the troops?

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It seems like there are a lot of secret discussions away from the critical eye of the electorate when it comes to ACTA and ISP level filtering here in Australia. With concentration of ISP ownership I think we are tending towards a situation where business will "voluntarily" implement a lot of government policy instead of the courts (especially telco ISPs). Do you think this could happen in the USA? Could legislators under pressure from the MPAA/RIAA on one side and citizens on the other just do back room deals with ISPs to encourage them to implement filtering and take down "un-american" sites. If this is the end game what can EFF do?