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Representative Polis, firstly thank you for your hard work on behalf of those of us determined to keep the Internet the vibrant, free, open medium that it is. The efforts of yourself and colleagues (Reps Issa, Lofgren, Sen Wyden to name but a few) are much appreciated, and speaking for myself, help to restore some faith in the Democratic process, and reaffirm a belief that there are many honest, decent members in Congress, such as yourself, who actually do care about representing the needs of the constituents you were elected to serve. All that said, given the events of the last few days - removal of the DNS provisions from SOPA and PIPA, and the Obama administration's statement supporting the protection from censorship of the Internet - what do you feel is the current state of this battle, and what should we, as users of the Internet, continue to do, besides calling our Congresspeople, to keep up the pressure on Congress and the media interests behind these bills? Also, do you support alternative legislation, such as the OPEN proposal, which would attempt to address some of the IP holders' concerns, whilst preserving the open nature and structure of the Internet?