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It's almost as if he could write for a living ;)

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VRBO charges hosts to sign up, airbnb does not. For that reason you tend to find a larger selection on airbnb. Airbnb also has a much better reservation management tool, and the host calendars tend to be up to date because of it.

Source: I'm a host, and I choose to use airbnb over VRBO.

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Wouldn't it be easier to prove that you don't get influenced by "fancy dinners" by simply not going for them?

I don't mean to imply that you are unfair consciously, but studies have shown that MDs can change prescribing behavior after a drug company paid for golf outing, and that's messing with our lives. Surely it would be easier to prove impartiality if you just opted out of such events.

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If the guy at the front doesn't pay up, the guys at the back don't get a good show.

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I'm slightly suspicious, if it was real accounts I'd expect more comments. The fact that it just got down voted to oblivion with no reason is making me even more suspicious of Edmunds. Nothing like a PR department with nothing to do but set up Reddit accounts...