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Let's stop using the excuse of a drop in the bucket "polluting the bucket" in order to allow ourselves to censor the entire bucket. It's rather disingenuous. None of my FB friends are bots, I've met most of them in real life. They spread a lot of stupid hoaxes about Covid-19, and yet they MUST be allowed to be wrong and express themselves. To do otherwise results in long-term oppression by whoever becomes the arbiter of "what's the right thing to say".

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I'm aware. USSR, which had its own censorship on free speech, used American free speech in order to spread communist propaganda in its institutions, which led us to stuff like this Reddit thread where people advocate for censorship on free speech.

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"Responsible stewards of information". No, I understood you right the first time.

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It creates far too many loopholes for bad actors to exploit, and indeed, we're seeing adversaries like Russia begin to launder their narratives through authentic local voices.

This is the most 1984-ish sentence I've seen this month. What an amazing justification for censorship of free speech. "This person isn't expressing their thoughts - it's Russia expressing it through them! Down with Russia! And this person!"