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Hey, Joe! Glad to have you here.

I met you about 10 years ago at a guitar festival in Dallas where you performed. You stuck around for a reeeeaaaally long time after the show meeting people and giving autographs. I always admired that you were willing to dedicate so much time and friendliness to your fans.

You had autographed a guitar pick for me, but my girlfriend lost it about an hour later. I was super bummed.

Any chance I can get another guitar pick? :)

shibbypwn135 karma

That's awesome! I can finally let that painful memory go.

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these Americans, who happen to be the same people who help put you into office

TIL most Americans are executives at Comcast.

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Same question I asked John Petrucci on his AMA:

What is your favorite scale, and why is it Lydian Dominant?