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Awesome, thanks for the reply! (Sorry I just deleted my question, I was confused at first about what exactly your system included and wanted to rephrase it. For anyone reading, I was asking about setting up a growing system for one or two plants.) Still, this looks like a super smart idea! Just for clarification, should other parts (like a reflective grow box, irrigation components, pots, etc.) be purchased separately? If so, any recommendations? Thanks again!

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Pretty sure they're around here somewhere...

In all seriousness though, that's a very innovate way to approach a very complex issue. Thanks for the information, will definitely be sure to see what they are up to!

Happy adventuring friends!

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I really, really love what you guys are doing and have been following your exploits since the beginning! I know that part of what you do is raise money for the local areas your adventures pass through, and was hoping you could please share a bit more about some of the things you've been able to do to help those people.

Sending many good vibes! Hope to meet you all out there someday (soon?), cheers!