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Im thinking of writing absurdly detailed satirical Yelp reviews. I realize I may not be the first to do this sort of thing, but I think itd be fun.
What should my first restaurant be and what do I order?

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Hello, first off I wanted to say thanks for your work in sustainable energy.

Any advice for a student at a community college struggling to get through the prerequisites for Environmental Engineering? I am hoping to transfer next year to a university and finish my bachelor's of Environmental Engineering, however I am second guessing my decision to do this major. I don't know many people in the field or even what type of job I want or if id even enjoy it. I just know that I'm very interested in sustainability and want to make sure we don't screw up the environment any more than we already have. The decision to change my major or keep going with Environmental Engineering has really been weighing on me.
Any words of wisdom or advice?

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A nuclear plant where I live was shut down a few years back amd since there's no federal repository, they are now storing the waste on-site. This seems like a waste of resources, and incredibly unsafe.

Why has the federal government not stepped up to create a nuclear waste disposal site?

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Hey Jay, just wanted to say your story inspired me and I'd love to go to one of your events.
What are your favorite parts of a car to work on/fix/diagnose? Also, but of a personal question...im working on restoring a 1965 ford ranchero, if it were you what's one thing you would want the finished car to have?