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shewholaughslasts3 karma

Oooh good one! I'm also curious if you have any Andre moments to share. Did you ever have dinner with Andre the Giant?

shewholaughslasts3 karma

Mathmatical! Have you done any toys? I'd love a looong Lady Rainicorn or a BMO.

Also - were you the one who did the Spaceballs characters? What a perfect idea... no flame thrower needed just a Yogurt or a big ole Dark Helmet....

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If this 'new' age of news is similar to our historical battle with 'yellow journalism' and snake oil salesmen, how can we re-approach news and information dissemination to re-equalize content with today's technology? Fact check notes on stories seem wildly under-used and ignored. How do we escape the clutches of this new insidious version of yellow journalism and get back to sources and facts and local content?

Also thank you for the work you do even if you don't get around to answering this. This IS the crucial question of our times and how we react to our current and upcoming challenges (climate, covid, racism) will all be filtered through the news each of us receives.