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I've been reading up on many people's diagnosis stories ever since I got diagnosed and it's struck me how some doctors can get it so wrong for so long. And with cancer, it seems especially bad since early detection can have major advantages. I feel so lucky I got diagnosed so quickly (although I waited a long time before seeing a doctor) but I've since met so many people, especially those with my type of cancer (nasopharyngeal) who get bounced around doctors for sometimes years...

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I hear a lot of ENTs who dismiss people who later had a nasopharyngeal diagnosis. I wonder if I might have been one of those people if I had not ignored all my symptoms for so long. But by the time I saw a doctor, I was having issues with my nerves so I think my doctor thought I might have had a stroke so they ordered a MRI which found the tumor.

I never had surgery so I count myself lucky in that regard because it seems like those who did have a lot of lingering pain... I did 33 rads along with six rounds of chemo and then three more rounds of adjuvant chemo. Man, the fatigue toward the end of those radiation sessions was so bad... Next month will be my one year anniversary of ending treatment so I'm still cautiously optimistic.

It's people like you who give me hope though. I'm younger but if people who are decades older can come through this, then I feel like I should be able to too.

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I've heard that old people/children, breast-feeding mothers and people with compromised immune systems shouldn't eat sturgeon but it's fine for everyone else. I've had it and it's delicious.

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Thank you!

This is so weird but I was actually diagnosed a day before you in 2017. Unfortunately as you know, anxiety of a relapse is still very real but we all gotta take it a day at a time. I felt like life was so very unfair when I got diagnosed because my type of cancer typically affects men and middle-aged people while I was 31 and a woman so I can't even imagine what you must have felt going through this just as your adult life was supposed to be starting... You seem like you are handling with a lot more grace and maturity than I would have if last year was anything to go by. I was definitely not my best self last year. I hope you will get through this too so I'm sending you all the good vibes your way.

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I would say just ask. No one is going to judge you or anything because there are regional variations on Chinese food in America and it's always better to inform the customer before they get upset that they aren't getting what they want. That being said, I've never seen fried chicken in Kung Pao. I'm not an expert in American Chinese food despite my parents owning one though, and it might just be in my neck of the woods where it's like that...