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sheppo422 karma

Hi Paul, I haven't heard of your podcast, but it's perfect timing because I've finished every hardcore history, the history of Rome and nearly caught up in revolutions. Will start this week.

But since I've got you here, what are your thoughts on the theory of the Younger Dryas Impact theory, relating to the collapse of an advanced civilization spreading technology around the world to places such as Gobekli Tepi, Mesoamerican precision masonry; and everywhere else there is the same 'man from the sea' that carry the same padlock shaped bag? All around the same time these areas 'civilized'..

I have only really learnt about this through Graham Hancock's lectures and 3 or 4 Joe Rogans podcast (especially with Randall Carlson). But those 10 hours had me convinced - plus it shuts down those ridiculous ancient alien episodes.

PS - Would you do a Joe Rogan Experience? He would love it.