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Greetings from quarantine in Spain! I've been doing a 31 day yoga challenge... The instructor also curated a list of classes for uncertain times.


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Spain is quiet. Everything on the news is about the virus. Supermarkets were low on supplies for a few days, but are now restocked. The government waited far too long - they promoted a woman's day march on March 8 (after the EU told every not to allow mass gatherings), and 5 days later declared a state of alarm.

So I'm working remotely (as usual), reading a lot, and spending time with the fam. It's meant to end after 2 weeks, but that seems unlikely.

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Reminds me of Turks about the Armenian genocide: "we just transported them.". Without food or water for days on end.

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Six weeks is a long time. Can you connect with people online?

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I'm in Spain, I understand :/