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I just looked at his wikipedia page.

Firstly, that's the name of a future dictator.

Secondly, the course he's doing at uni is the course many politicians take before going in to politics. Some day we're all going to be ruled by a dude we knew as Shitty_Watercolour. I hope all of the policies that he enacts in the future come with paintings at the bottom.

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I'm more amazed by how well you got the Northern Ireland accent, not many people get us quite so right.

Source: Native Northern Irish (living in England that's heard a lot of bad impressions.)

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What do you think of Donald Trump? How will you react if he eventually wins the US presidential election?

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This is one of the craziest AMAs. Loving your answers. But. You had an erection as you were about slam your penis in a door?! 12 year old boys are crazy.

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Where I am, it's currently 3am. Thought I'd quickly browse a bit of reddit. Now I'm considering how to join this pigeon theif society... I have 4 budgies and I'm wondering if I can pass them off as "super fancy pigeons".