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It has a right to be downplayed. The relative risk they found was 1.18, which is NOWHERE near the risk they’d need to actually determine causation. And this is just relative risk. It means that if you currently have a 4% chance of developing colorectal cancer (this is the ONLY cancer they use in the study, as all others show NO increased risk) then eating as much processed meats as you want would increase your risk to 5%. It’s not like I’m saying processed meats are particularly healthy, but they won’t give you cancer. Red meat, on the other hand, is a nutrient dense super food. It contains excellent quality protein, significantly fat soluble vitamins, and plenty of minerals.

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I’ve heard there’s only 60 harvests left until the soil is completely depleted. What’s your stance on regenerative agriculture involving livestock, like what the Savory Institute does?