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Hi Humera, I'm a former muslim who moved to the US from Pakistan when I was 10 years old. Growing up in the US, I've always seen subtle discrimination against muslims and it has always irked me that terrorists use the guise of islam to justify their attacks and further perpetuate this prejudice against moderate/liberal muslims living in the west. It does make me happy that most muslims I've encountered in the US are moderate to liberal compared to those in Pakistan. However, I've seen many documentaries lately which are showing a rise of extremism in Europe and it is quite disturbing as to how nothing is really done to stop them. Do you know why there's a rise in extremism in Europe or are these documentaries selectively biased? And what can be done to prevent the growth of extremism in the west?

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How would you describe the poverty in NK? Is it really as bad as American media makes it seem?

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Here's her response to your earlier question, I think it applies to this also.

"America is my people. Every American hurts when any American is attacked."

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Lol she's working to eradicate counter terrorism, definitely doing more than you to prevent the "eventual attack on America."

Also, FYI, you can be of any religion and be a patriotic American.

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Thank you! That's exactly what I was asking for.