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I threw small underprivileged children at it. It couldn't get over the begging, pleading, and asking for help.

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I rented (via Airbnb) an apartment on Gramercy Park and the owner had a key to the park. Just attached on the key ring....like any other.

I mention that because I had a reporter ask me if it was gold...I thought that was a silly question until I read that the original keys (Given to Edison, etc) were gold...the question made sense then.

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So, no, no one recognizable. Though while we were there my wife and I kinda were hoping for it. Given Uma Thurman has a key, I suppose it would have been awesome to meet her, but meh I don't have anything special to talk to her about.

Actually the outsider question is a good one. Because I brought it up with my interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune Review (http://triblive.com/news/editorspicks/7296883-74/park-christopher-gramercy) but it wasn't included...and there's a take on this I suppose.

When we were going into the park, I had the gate open to let my wife in. After she walked through, I started to close the gate behind us and there was an elderly couple there that walked toward the gate like perhaps they'd just get to walk in. sigh I stuttered closing the gate because I'm not the kind of person to tell anyone "no" when it comes to sharing something like this...but I had to, it wasn't just "my park" to grant access to (wish it was). So, I began shutting the gate.

My heart broke. The look on their faces was similar to someone pleading for help...all I could imagine was that they had never gotten to come into the park in the 70 or so years....that perhaps the gentlemen had told his wife "one of these people will let us in, before we die..." click the gate was closed. I could have blocked someone from being able to share a walk in the park with their spouse in their final years....I really wanted to let them in.

While it's not the same, that's why I shared the Spheres...I...I just couldn't keep that all to myself.

Sorry for the diary. Thanks for the question.

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No, and even if they did, I wouldn't tell them. Additionally I think that'd be horrible PR for them that they were on a witch hunt per se. It wouldn't be hard as (2 of) the Airbnb host had the key to Gramercy Park as a feature on their profile so...

No, I wasn't too worried. It was an accident and I wasn't aware of the policy. While I'm not out to break any rules, I was worried they'd pull the pictures down from Google...while that's no big deal in the scheme of life, I want that opportunity to be open for everyone.

They've been pretty open to the fact that they're there...which I think says a lot for them.

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Well, I know there is a no photography policy there...so....there's that.