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Brutalist Architecture Question: what’s your opinion on the administrative motifs present in all that awful concrete? I live in a city that saw a building boom during the height of brutalist popularity, and good god, my friend, when poorly executed, it’s like a stain of drab and “just not right” - imo

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Calgary, my friend! And same boat. Going downtown, on the east side, is like being transported to Soviet Russia. Mount Royal University is probably the worst example of IDGAF architecture ever.

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Hello! Thank you for your work - this is an incredibly valuable cause and I’m sad that it’s not the decades long anniversary of having confronted and so solved these myriad issues. Question - why is BLM making statements related to Israel? Is this a solidarity statement with Palestine, or is there another reason? Thank you and much power.

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What are some of the expected criminal justice outcomes from this reporting? I recall the Panama Papers revealing similarly scandalous bad stuff, but nothing seemed to happen... how do people keep getting away with this stuff!?