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Hi Ben! I was in the audience at Colbert's Late Show premiere on Tuesday and was SO happy that you were a surprise guest.

How did that all come together, and what was the vibe like backstage?

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What's been the strangest experience you've had due to your sudden fame?

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How did you end up doing Buddy Cole on Colbert? Did they approach you, or vice versa? And what was the process of generating ideas and material for each segment? Would love to know how that whole collaboration worked.

(PS - loved the Brain Candy reading at TO Sketchfest! )

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I'm a writer, and attended your talk in Toronto a few weeks ago with a writer/director friend. You opened a lot of creative doors in our brains, and we walked away totally energized and inspired to create MORE. When you do these talks, do you aim to provide an equally valuable takeaway for the average TAL fan, who may not have creative urges?

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Bley, I've had a crush on you for quite some time. Can I be your "she's Canadian, you don't know her" girlfriend?