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I gotta say this AMA is a godsend for me. I genuinely think pollution is gonna be this century’s smoking/asbestos/radium cream times 100 and our children and grandchildren are gonna ask why we didn’t all do something.

Myself, I live in the most polluted EU capital and while everyone sees diesels literally everywhere and the EU Commission started infringement procedures over excessive pollution, it’s difficult for my countrymen to visualize statistics like the ones you quote. I guess my question is can you do an ELI5 on exactly how we reach those statistics and how pollution directly affects ourselves and our young children?

Thanks a lot.

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How do you feel now about your state of mind and beliefs while you were inside the CoS and are you afraid you might be somehow tempted to go back? (sorry if I make it sound like a drug addiction, but I've never had any experience similar to this and it's the only way I can picture it)

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Install the Chromebleed or Foxbleed

So much for my Safari

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Hey, I just wanted to thank you for all your work and say how incredibly lucky we are that there are people like you out there, but since effin' Reddit insists that all top-level comments must contain a question, here goes: is there anything we can do to help or make your work easier?