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I just wanted to thank you all. The other night my 4-yo daughter broke a glow-stick and it spurted in her eye. I have never heard her scream like that. And it went on and on...

We called you guys and got a very calm, cool woman on the phone who advised us to stop the saline wash we were trying, get her in the shower and force her eye open for 20 minutes. She told us what to look for and how to act and then called back 20 minutes later, as promised, to check on us.

What's your rule-of-thumb for sending people to the hospital vs. staying home and treating themselves?

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Why did Snowden out himself? I feel like I missed part of the story. Could he not have stayed anonymous?

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The British had radar and needed to hide that fact from the Germans. It was a said that the Brit pilots had unnaturally good night vision from eating carrots.


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Please push this suit are hard as you guys can.

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How did it get a bad name then? I used to assume it was bad for you until I learned better.