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Yes. If the airline decides to reroute you due to a plethora of factors this can happen. However it is rare.

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This will only happen if you book it as a round trip (which skiplagged specifically says not to do and to book them as 2 one way flights). And it's not a "might" it's a "they will" cancel the other legs if you miss one in a round trip flight. If you miss a leg on a flight the airline will cancel the remaining legs, it's policy.

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It can happen and the airline can demand payment for the difference in the fare and/or ban you from flying with them. See this post from r/legaladvice. You agree to the airlines terms and conditions when you book the flight, it's the risk you run doing this.

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Routes being dropped and serving less cities? That's an extreme inconvenience to people. Due to the fact companies will see load factors on these legs suffering , which in turn they will drop routes

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Thank you. I get that people want to save money, I really do. But all this is going to do is hurt people when routes are dropped due to volume. That, and my guess is a shift to requiring checked luggage rather than carry ons.