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shakesnow62 karma

I was always a bit unsure if the remains that i would receive would actually be my dog....

Until I had my Great Dane cremated and some morbid curiosity drew me to look inside the heavy plastic bag. I found the steel plate and 3 screws that were put in her leg when she was hit by a truck. Kinda cool actually and I plan to make a ring out of it. She was a great dog.

So, I'm guessing after she was cremated they just scooped everything up, metal bits and all?Have you encountered that before?

shakesnow18 karma

Vegas is resting in a nice wooden box in our living room. When her sister passes I think we will spread both of their ashes together.

Thank you for doing what you do. I didn't think it would be something i wanted but my wife pushed for it and I'm glad we did. I miss her.