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I think that many people have ideas for an app (whether it's a game or something else entirely), but they just don't know how to proceed. Can you give us some details on how you pulled this off?

What's your specific role? What did you bring to the table, other than the idea? (Did you help w/ development?)

How did you find others to help? How did you sell them on the idea?

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So, to be clear, you don't actually code? Your role was more more about story-boarding the concepts and QA testing?

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I'm in IT and I know the basics of making apps, but building a game from scratch is beyond my current ability. I'm very interested in the process of creation, though, of seeing an idea all the way through the development phase and bringing a substantive product to market.

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He basically called me an infant.

Perhaps. I couldn't rightly say, because "infantalistic" is not a word. However, it seems to me that he was speaking not of you, but of your seventeen year-old self.

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I suppose it becomes an insult when your ego gets in the way of your common sense.