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Wife and I both worked in indigenous communities here in Australia, the situation is not much different in most of them. There are some where the elders are making positive change, but not a lot. Along with the abject poverty comes the abject despair and all the other things you've described.

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Honestly, what's the average annual salary?
Is patreon the only source of income?

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Remember, congestion is the gamer's fault not everyone else jumping on the streaming bandwagon facilitated by a hamstrung public infrastructure project.

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I'm not sure about that first supposition. The plastic on the star-shaped bottom of a soda bottle is approaching the thickness of the cap and it's pretty bloody rigid.

I'd posit that the bottle material doesn't lend itself to be moulded into a cap very easily and even if it did, the two similar plastics would bind up and not open easily.

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Can you talk about how CWH gets around the legislation of a pharmacist not being allowed to own x amount of outlets?