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I'm available. I'll name my business Fractures by Jake! Another reddit business empire is birthed!

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Will you be my first Yelp review? Special price just for you, thot girli salady.

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Technically the definition of "machine gun" includes any weapon which can fire more than a single round per trigger pull, which includes things like old surplus burst fire M16s, weapons modified with a custom trigger sear, etc.

259 might not be such a crazy number if you account for weapons stolen from police cruisers, gone missing from military bases, or being held by gun stores.

Personally though, I think her data might simply be formatted poorly. She has 10 classifications listed and 9 numbers in her data set if you exclude the electric dart thingy. It's probably poorly aligned and MGs were the "52" number.

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It does kinda sound like a signature fragrance. Check out my new line called Fresh Blood and Pavement! Or Fear Pee and Pain Sweat!