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Hi Peter! You're my most trusted source of understanding of the world I live in and what to expect to see in the future. Thank you for your excellent books and conference talks - anxiously awaiting my preordered Disunited Nations copy :)


  1. How does Climate Change affect your forecasting? I assume there are at least some geopolitical considerations to be made when/if ice-free Arctic sea routes open up, agricultural capacity increases/decreases in some areas (Canada & Russia), sea levels rise, ect.? What if anything climate change related is on your radar for analysis?
  2. I've heard your thoughts on the future of militarized drones, what do you think about the implications of the new United States Space Force & militarized space? Game changer or waste of resources?
  3. What, if any, is your opinion of Musk / Bezos / the current billionaire space race? Do you believe humanity can/will become an interplanetary civilization?

Wishing you well on your book release and in the future!

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World War Z is one of my favorites as well, love the shout out!

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Thank you Peter :)