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Has the murder rate gone down?

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Yep, exactly. As much as the electoral college gets shat on, lower populated states would be ignored without it and wouldn’t have any representation. The politicians would mostly cater to the 2-3 top populated states and ignore the will of everyone else.

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I agree. Whether it was right or wrong, Hillary Clinton was NOT a good candidate to convince moderates, Independents, and disenfranchised Republicans to vote Democrat. She was vilified too heavily and seen as untrustworthy with Republicans who didn’t want to vote for Trump. I know a lot of those people who voted 3rd party or abstained entirely.

Republicans against Trump needed a good reason to vote against their party after a lifetime of loyalty. Hillary Clinton was the worst person to attempt that. Republicans HATE Clinton, so they saw voting for her just as bad as voting for Trump.

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What are some red flags homebuyers can look for when viewing homes?

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Someone was passing out a pamphlet listing all the “Democrat candidates” but it was very obviously incorrect abd an attempt to fool people into voting for the opposing party. Is that illegal? If so, who should I report this to?