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Always a lot of dick swinging about the most hardcore of SF between countries. What was your take on who you worked with?

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Have you had much luck with the June atmospheric ducting?

I'm in MO and have gotten stations out of NC, MT, Baltimore, Louisiana and probably a couple others I can't remember at the moment on FM. Always interesting to me how certain weather conditions any time of the year seem to bring in those stations within a 3 hour or so drive. I can get KC, Tulsa, and Little Rock reasonably often about once a quarter after a big change in the weather.

Also, if anyone is interested, you can get AM 50kwatt stations for hundreds or thousands of miles easily after dark...and even before dark sometimes this time of year. I was listening to WBBM AM in Joplin the other day at 4pm.

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I drive by the federal prison in Springfield, MO almost every day, and it is of course where John died. I've read that it isn't a favorite of inmates. Were you able to gain any insight as to the prison life there was like?