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I think they've been reporting on this trend for a while, and I'm not sure they're getting at the actual causes, which I'm sure are manifold and complex. (I also admittedly don't know much about how they're doing the studies). I would not be shocked to find out that todays teens and 20 year olds are stressed out of their minds, and stress is a MASSIVE libido killer. Sorry for using the word libido, it truly is the worst word. I also think that there are other things for young kids to do than have sex--some things are fun (tik tok/internet/video game shit)--but also, kids are freaking BUSY now! They're working jobs and applying for 40 schools and running track. And then they make it to adulthood and the world is just a capitalistic hellscape where they get no breaks. Everyone is tired, imo!

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You don't have to have an orgasm to have good sex. There's too much focus on orgasming and not focus on pleasure. Like you can have mediocre sex and still come, and you can have amazing sex and not.

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Negative for people who are looking for relationships, posiutive for hookups. Apps are GREAT for hookups, but they often make people feel very rejected when it comes to relationships. There are OF COURSE exceptions, and the internet has been great at connecting people with marginalized sexual identities that might not have found each other, so there are definitely some positives. But don't use them if they make you feel bad!

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My gut says that we (Philly sports fans) are not lucky enough to trade Ben Simmons. We have been cursed by someone--see Fultz. That said, Morey was smart enough to trade Al Horford who is lovely but didn't fit on the team. So maybe!

EDITED to fix my dumb error: Brand didn't trade horford, Morey did!

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I guess I'm more of an "expert" --and to be clear, I would not ever use that word to describe my skill in any arena other than perhaps knowing where things are in Target--at writing or talking about sex. It's NOT like I was so good at sex itself that someone contacted me, begging me to share secrets. It's more that I've had a lot of practice reading and writing about sex and relationships and editors have seen and liked my work on the topic. I'm pretty open and shame-free about sex, so that helps me. Additionally, I do a lot of reading and research, and often I'm reaching out to people who do a lot of research in the field. So again, my "expertise" (gross, sorry) is more in the communicating about sex/relationships, rather than it being a claim that I'm somehow smarter than everyone else about the topic or something.