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I like the mirroring aspect. i've alway done it but never noticed it.

I find that another good tactic is to ask a simple question that pertains to their preferences. This gives them the notion that you're actually considering what they would enjoy rather than you pushing some product in their face.

=What would you recommend for dinner? can be followed with: -Well, are you looking for something hearty? little lighter? -Are you in the mood for steak(Fish)? -Will you be having wine? (I really like this one, it sets up another upsell) -Do you have a strong appetite? or are you a light eater? -Are you spice sensative?

These types of questions do 2 things. It gives you more information to make an honest recommendation. And it gives you credibility.

Once you establish trust/credibility it becomes easier to suggest a higher priced dish, with a nice wine to pair ;)

Another thing that I try to do is to find something that I don't like, or is an unpopular seller, and tell the guest exactly that. =What would you recommend?

Can be followed by: -ah, the calamari isn't as fresh as i'd like it. otherwise, everything is quite tasty. -eh, the guy on the grill today seems to be torching all the meat...but the fish looks amazing! -I'm not a fan of farmed fish, which our salmon is. But our Seabass is always line caught and is outstanding!

Trust. Upsell. That's my motto. (i just made it up)

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not allowed to carry more than one table's order at a time?

wow. that is a restrictive policy that is detrimental to adequate service.

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the only possible answer. makes total sense, now.