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My apologies.. the leader of the KonMari "tidying up" movement that's been responsible for headlines like "Goodwill doesn't want your junk." She advocates eliminating possessions that don't play a regular part in ones life.

I was curious as to whether you've seen more sellers, fewer buyers, or something else, as a result of this movement.

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Has Marie Kondo had an impact on your business?

Love outdoor fleas!

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You mentioned the Mars rover.. did you mean Opportunity? I'm a computer engineer and I've got a question about "my battery is low and it's getting dark."

Obviously, that never happened. The actual message would have been two simple numbers, probably expanded out to lots of bytes for error-correcting reasons, but certainly not translated into English before relay back to Earth. Did you know this, and/or did you find it odd that a machine would say something like this? Do you feel that journalists may have romanticized this story a bit to make it interesting to people who don't othewise care about technology, and if so was that responsible reporting? Or was it just a fun way to present the news?

You do important work, making a final public statement for people who have passed on and lost their voice in this world, and I thank you for that!