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The UK wouldn't try to prevent Catalonian sucession, and since Brexit is a given would have no influence in catalonia's admission/exclusion. However the UK would welcome the opportunity to negotiate a trade deal with one of the most prosperous parts of spain outside of the EU block trade agreement.

Furthermore Spain's attempt to use Gibraltar as leverage in the Brexit negotiations wont have gone unnoticed and the UK wont be predisposed to avoiding causing Spain a bit of diplomatic unease

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It gets even more complicated. Due to deregulation the different fire safety standards certificates were amalgamated into one, both types of board meet the lower standard certificate, the additional safety of the zinc board is not factored in as both boards "pass" the industry standard for fire safety. Thus a safety issue becomes a cost issue because to the uninformed both boards meet the same standard

The result of the deadly cocktail of deregulation and austerity that both previous labour and conservative govts have adhered to.

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is your party named after the edelweiss pirates?