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I too have a Grandpa that was captured by the Russians at the end of the war. He was an officer and had to wear a regular soldiers uniform to avoid being killed when he was captured. Once he got to the prison camp though, he said he was treated better because he was an officer. He never had anything particularly negative to say about the Russians and said he was treated ok. Does this reflect your experience? Were the Russians cruel to the German POWs in camp? Were captured officers treated any differently (my Grandpa said he was allowed to walk into the nearest town to buy things for the camp)?

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To be fair, it very well could be coming from Russia. Historically the country has been a bastion of clandestine fentanyl for a long time. And as for no fentanyl epidemic in Russia, I don't know about that. I'd say were it not for their proximity to turkeys influx of high quality heroin, the fentanyl problem probably would be epidemic level in Russia.

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I think part of the answer is -- as we are all citizens, paying for you not to die is as much my responsibility as it is yours. Everyone should pay and everyone should benefit.