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What jobs have you held that qualify you as an environmental scientist, and how long were you in that/those position(s)?

Also, how do you plan on paying for the programs you are supporting in your OP?

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Not to mention that fast.com uses Netflix's video servers to test against, so if the ISPs are faking it, then they're going to be boosting every Netflix video stream.

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To be fair: labeling something as "GMO" will scare a TON of people away from it, so putting the label on the package had better have some seriously beneficial reasoning.

People are stupid, and people believe any buzz-words they hear. When someone says something has chemicals, people instantly think it's bad, regardless of whether it is or not. It's the same thing as hearing that someone is on the sex offenders' list: maybe they're just on it because they peed in public, and there's no real threat at all to the neighborhood (except maybe a few walls). Simply knowing that the person is on the list is enough to cause many people to avoid that person, even if the charges aren't warranted. It's the same thing here: they are giving these foods a negative connotation without any solid reasoning.

Arsenic is organic, too, people!

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How do you deal with all of the terrible stories you are told by each violent offender? Does it get to you?

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I always thought it'd be a great getaway, but terrible house. How are you finding it, now that things are really coming along?

By the way, the videos of your progress clearing it out of mud and stuff were awesome. Lots of fun discovering new things with you guys as the series went along.