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Hey all! I was wondering what your take was on the Northwestern IP who convinced an innocent man to confess to murder to get an IP client off death row. Are there circumstances where your group would do the same thing?


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I was shocked that doctors would send teenagers home with a bottle of OxyContin for minor surgeries.

You weren't there when the kid's parent was threatening the doctor to give them oxycontin or else they'll tell all their friends to avoid that practice.

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Opioids are NOT supposed to be used for migraines, they have been shown in study after study to make migraines worse. If your wife really wants her migraines to go away, rather than get a high, she should get off the opioids.

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No, unless you have a reason to suspect HIV (i.e. they are HIV+) or lymphoma/leukemias, those tests are pointless. But super expensive, so I'm sure you can find some quack to do it!

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lol I've already been banned from /r/chronicpain for daring to point out that /r/opiates has three times as many subscribers as their shitty sub.