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Here in South Korea, depression and anxiety are critical issues of public health. Korean has the highest female suicide rate per capita amongst OECD nations, and the male rate is third-highest.

The concept of mental wellness has gained considerable traction in recent years, but professional interventions and therapies remain largely taboo.

Crisis Text Line would have tremendous impact here, as well as in Japan, but I imagine the language barrier is a significant challenge. Has CTL looked into the possibility of providing solutions for Korean- or Japanese-speaking populations? What prevents CTL from establishing such services?

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Music is universally human. But music, and all art, is seasoned by the culture in which it is created.

You enjoy a unique viewpoint - recording so many musicians from various regions/nations in the exact same environment in your van, you would seem to have access to a rare and interesting perspective.

What sorts of reflections can you share regarding how regional or national culture is seasoning music in 2019?

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Rule34: if it exists, there's porn of it Rule35: if a discussion of racist skins goes long enough, someone will speak lovingly of pre-racist Skrewdriver

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I highly recommend Yale’s Introduction to the New Testament History and Literature open course. The prof is fantastic.

This course provides a historical study of the origins of Christianity by analyzing the literature of the earliest Christian movements in historical context, concentrating on the New Testament. Although theological themes will occupy much of our attention, the course does not attempt a theological appropriation of the New Testament as scripture. Rather, the importance of the New Testament and other early Christian documents as ancient literature and as sources for historical study will be emphasized. A central organizing theme of the course will focus on the differences within early Christianity (-ies).

You can also just watch all the lectures on YouTube here

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Why would you reply in Korean? The OP is Japanese American

Given that OP is an English speaker, and that /r/IAmA is an English-language forum, to use any other language is snowflaky ostentation