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Depends on the troop. Mine had a number of open atheists, including myself. The only time I ever felt pressure was when I was with OA instead of my troop. When the troop would recite the law, we'd all -not just the atheists- put a loud sarcastic twist on the word 'reverent'. After a few years of that, we got a new very conservative assistant scout master who took offense and made us stop. He also complained about my openly gay friend and harassed him until he quit. I quit then too.

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Well, yeah, but this was just down the road from the council headquarters and being gay is against the policy so.... I was actually the SPL when I quit. I just couldn't take how the whole tone of the troop had suddenly shifted. Basically all the older scouts left at the same time. I don't even think they had anyone left who was over star.

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If you knew what your father was like, why did you come out the them? Why not wait until you were on your own already?

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How did you end up there?