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For me it's any show or film that's supposed to be set on Earth far into the future, yet the characters speak perfect early 21st century English. If not a full conlang at least evolve the language a bit or add some new slang that creates more of a sense of future place.

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I can report that as a director, it helps to stay out of the way and let the conlanger do their thing. When asked, I'd give feedback on what I thought about the aesthetics of the language and writing system, but I knew there were things that I just didn't understand about language and that it was best left to the expert...

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In the film we tell the story of the first 'known' conlanger from the 1100's! Tolkien is the gateway drug for many young conlangers, and as far as I picked up in doing interviews for the film he's very highly regarded.

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There's a story about exactly this in the bonus feature to the documentary - watch and find out... :->

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We actually deal with this in the film, by both showing why people conlang and by highlighting examples of conlangers who ALSO help endangered languages!