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Do you sometimes check what's going on in the ksp world (features of latest releases, community discussions, latest mods/add-ons), or is it "too much in the past" and you're fully focussed on the current ventures?

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Ever thought about teaming up with Paolo Encarnacion (bahamotuD, creator of bdarmory and related ksp mods)?

After he left his bd-mods (now maintained by the community) he also started to make a VR flightsim for oculus (vtol vr) as his own venture.

You two seem to share a similar passion, maybe there is some room for cooperation in the future?

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Is there anything you regret most having done/not done with KSP?

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What have u been up to since leaving ksp? Straight into the new game&venture, or rather professional training, personal development, world travel, ...?

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Thanks for your answer, and I wish you heaps of success with your new game!