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My question for you Mike is how you plan on dealing with agriculture in the future. With a growing population and a changing climate I've done my own work to experiment with what farming can be in the 21st century. I've been able to grow a handful of crops in my basement, not a sophisticated environment for growing food. I've successful grown a stock of corn in a flower pot with a grow light. So my question to you is would you help farmers get into indoor aeroponics and aquaponics more to make farm lands more sustainable? You can grow more indoor because of verticality and it uses far less water. Can even be done with natural sunlight of course and no need for pesticides.

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You are literally fulfilling my dreams with those words, what I want more than anything is a restore to normalcy for farming. No more mega farms, they are dangerous and more harmful than good. Thank you! I support you fully, what can I do as a New Jersian to help?

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You got it! Happy birthday Mike!

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Awesome thank you so much for this reply, I'll always take any advice I can get