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Yeah, funny how the OP mentioned Musk, who floated this idea when the media was reporting on how he called a minor celebrity a pedophile and how he had no proof.

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How do you prevent people from rating based on their own opinion, rather than factual accuracy? The public isn't an infalliably logical machine, as seen with stuff like global warming, strawmanning, and ant-vaccination hysteria.

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So, one user can pick a reason they think an article is wrong, and likeminded people can promote it as an objective review.

The goal here isn't to be the end-all-be-all of truth, it's to re-engage consumers with journalists and try to make the new ecosystem less hostile.

And much like your hero Elon, what you're aiming for (better media comprehension), what you're marketing (a place for objective user reviews of articles), and what you're providing (a platform for the uninformed to rant on media with a veneer of credibility) are all different things.

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Said bank also starts to save its money, and restrict loaning to safer investments.

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Your grandfathers had the excuse of defending their homes against genocidal conquerors for their repressive actions taken. Now, there is no excuse for the political murders and theft of civil rights you are either blind or willfully ignorant of.